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We at Perseo Erie represent a large number of brands to provide our customers with a large variety of machines to fit their every need.
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We also understand that some customers are operating on a budget, which is why we at Perseo Erie offer refurbished machinery.
These machines are fully refurbished and ready to purchase at a first come, first serve basis.
If you would like to see what we have available in our refurbished line, please give us a call and talk to one of our sales reps at (800) 900-9117


Entrance to our Technical Support Center

Entrance to our Technical Support Center

hyundai wia machine america corp
Honor Seiki
honor seiki
mitsui high-tec inc
Honor Seiki
Honor Seiki
Honor Seiki
roeders tec
edm drillmate
fryer machine systems. precision built solutions

Brands You Can Trust

Quality, worldwide names like Hyundai, Mitsui, Roeders, Excetek, Seibu, Laser Marking Systems, Eagle Fiber Laser, Aberlink CMM along with our 3rd Generation Design EDM DrillMate combined with the “Made in America” Fryer line of machine tools make Perseo-Erie your place to call. Parts, tooling and consumables including electrode tubes, guides, filters are available with many items in stock in Erie or they can be drop shipped directly to you.

Our Staff and Capabilities:

Our staff can assist with the technology you need now and in the future in a wide spectrum of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Oil & Gas, Off-Road Diesel, Automotive, Ag and Mold and Stamping. High Precision – Tight Tolerances – Standard and Exotic Metals…..Let us assist with your application.

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